About Dulcimers By Jeff

I am from a community called Zelda in Lawrence County, Kentucky.  Raised in the music rich foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, I have always been exposed to the unique mountain musical culture of family, friends and neighbors.  Music is as much a part of my life as falling in love.  Members of my family, most of my neighbors, fellow school chums and local gospel groups played, sang and shared their musical talent(s) with all (or anyone) that would listen.
Kentucky Proud stands for foods, nursery items, crafts, agritourism sites, farmers' markets, state parks, and many other products and destinations with roots in Kentucky soil. Kentucky Proud foods are raised, grown, or processed in Kentucky by Kentuckians. You can serve Kentucky Proud foods to your family with the confidence that they came from your friends and neighbors just down the road . . .  not from thousands of miles away.

When you buy a product with the Kentucky Proud label:
You are buying the freshest, most nutritious food possible.
You are keeping your dollars close to home.
You are helping a Kentucky farm family earn a living.
You are reducing the miles that the food has to travel from the farm to your plate.
Look for the Kentucky Proud logo at your favorite grocery, restaurant, or farmers' market.
Visual and craft artists who do original work in any medium and who are full-time residents of Kentucky. Applicants have a well-developed body of work and marketing experience.
Kentucky Colonels are unwavering in devotion to faith, family, fellowman and country. Passionate about being compassionate. Proud, yet humble. Leaders who are not ashamed to follow. Gentle but strong in will and commitment. The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, as a Brotherhood, reaches out to care for our children, support those in need and preserve our rich heritage.
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