Dulcimers By Jeff Psaltery

Bowed Psaltery
~Made In USA~
My Bowed Psaltery's are handmade in the beautiful hills of Eastern Kentucky (Fleming County).
  • The Bowed Psaltery is one of the easiest instruments to play (you don't need to know anything about reading music).
  • It is played by using a bow and playing one string at a time. 
  • Each Psaltery comes with a Violin Bow, Rosin, Instruction Book, Tuning Wrench and Two Extra Strings.
  • Each instrument is One-Of-A-Kind.  No two instruments look or sound exactly alike.
  • All my Bowed Psalteries are constructed of quality materials.
  • Each Bowed Psaltery has 25 strings -  a fully chromatic range of just over 2 octaves.
  • My Psaltery's are considered to be Soprano Psaltery's.
  • They measure (approx) 23" long - 8 ½" wide at base - 1 5/8" deep
  • Each Psaltery comes with a Life Time Warranty.  All workmanship is guaranteed.  (Not responsible for mistreated instruments or broken strings)
The included instruction book (Playing The Psaltery Made Easy) explains holding and bowing the psaltery as well as how to read the Tablature.

Tablature is an easy to follow number system makes it possible to learn easily, quickly and accurately.

Hardwood top with a Birch Veneer back provide excellent tone and volume.

If you are looking for a superior instrument, handmade and with attention paid to each detail, this is the instrument for you.  If you are looking for a Psaltery that will last a lifetime, an instrument you, your children and your grand-children will enjoy, this is the instrument for you!

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Two Psaltery's